The city of Huancayo is the capital of the department of Junin, along with the one of Pasco, forms the central Andean region of the Peruvian territory. Crossed by Western and Central mountain ranges it has a highland region as well as a vast jungle.

The region where the department of Junín is located had influence of the cultures of Chavín and Tiahuanaco. First it was occupied by pumpus (originating of the Forest in search of salt) and by militant Huancas. This last town, of shepherds and hunters, along with Chancas of Apurímac, opposed a ferocious resistance to the Inca's army advance. According to the journalist Garcilaso of the Fertile valley, when Pachacútec initiated the conquest of the zone was that in the beautiful province of Sausa (badly pronouncing Jauja by the Spaniards), it had more than 30 thousand neighbors named Huancas. The powerful Inca army obtained finally with persuasion, flatteries and gifts to conquer the zone. During the conquest Huancas supported the conquerors in exchange for privileges, like the one of not being invaded. Nevertheless, the conquest was consolidated and in their fight against the idolatry, the Spaniards constructed their main religious sanctuary in the zone of: Huarivilca Heroica villa.

Heroic Villa
On October 10th 1824, Libertador Simón Bolivar decreed that the name of Heroic Villa de Junín were granted to the region, honoring therefore the glorious action of arms that the patriotic armies freed in their fields. More than two thirds of the local population perished fighting for our independence. The positive outcome of the last for independence had to be determined and by surprise action of the Husares of Peru, they were named by Bolivar in the field of battle like Husares de Junín.

Huancayo, capital of Junín, is located in the South end of the valley of the Mantaro river. On the brink of madness old way of the Incas rises the most important city of the central Mountain range (where the producing zones of the Mountain range and High Forest with the Coast and the capital tie). Huancayo, commercial, populated and racially mixed large city, is well-known by its folklore and the excellence of the work of its craftsmen. They are famous and very concurred on the Sunday fairs, where carpets can be bought, ponchos, filigrees of silver, embroidering of Sapallanga, hats of Cajas, etc. The department of Junín has an advanced metallurgical industry; Tarma of colorful small houses and flowers scattered in its slopes, well-known like the Pearl of the Andes for its pleasant climate and the beauty of its landscapes; and descending towards the High Jungle: the rich valley of Chanchamayo and the cities of San Ramon and the, coffee zones as well as fruit trees.

Tourist sites
The Sunday fair in Huancayo is held in the Huancavelica avenue, it is one of the most attractive commercial spots for tourists of the city, they sell all types of local crafts. The cerrito of the Freedom is the ideal place for a panoramic View of the city and the valley. In Torre Tagle, three kilometers at the top of Huancayo, there is a geologic formation that is worth seeing.

Other Attractions and Provinces
The lagoon of Paca, near Jauja; the farm of trouts; the convent of Santa Rosa de Ocopa ( has one of the most important libraries of Peru); the archaeological rest of Tunanmarca in Jauja; the impressive waterfall El Manto de la Novia (Veil of the Fiancee) in Chanchamayo and the beaches of the Chanchamayo river. The colorful town of Small Cochas is famous infusion cups, processed by Huancas craftsmen of all the ages; in the pueblito of Hualhuas they honor the craftsmen specialized in tweeds of alpaca and ewe; and the town of San Jerónimo de Tunán its excellent goldsmiths described in silverware and fine jewelry shop.

The Carnivals are held during January in all the local towns. During the Easter, in the month of April, Tarma gets dressed in flowers. The Celebration of Senor de Muruhuay is celebrated in Tarma in the month of May. On the 30th of August tribute to Santa Rosa is held in the Jaujina locality of Ocopa.

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