Tambopata: Candamo National Park
14 Days / 13 Nights






Day 1: Upon arrival in Lima, we'll transfer to our hotel in Lima. Night at our hotel in Lima.
Day 2: Morning flight to the frontier town of Puerto Maldonado. On arrival we’ll take a brief ride by bus to the nearby port on the Tambopata River and transfer to our motorized dugout for the 3 hour ride up the Tambopata River to the famous Explorers Inn. On the river trip we‘ll be scanning for our first Parrots and Macaws as well as Birds of prey and Amazonian riverside species such as Kingfishers, Pied Lapwings and more. Night at Explorers Inn.
Day 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7: Five full days to enjoy the rainforest and birds of the area. The bird-list is endless but birds we’ll be looking for include ; Rufous headed Woodpecker, White-faced Tody Flycatcher, Peruvian Recurvebill, Pavonine Quetzal, Pale-winged Trumpeter, Sungrebe, Flammulated Bamboo-tyrant, Brown-rumped Foliage-gleaner, Large-headed and Dusky-tailed Flatbills, , Dusky-cheeked and Brown-rumped Foliage-gleaners, Ihring's and Ornate Antwren, White-lined Antbird, Striated Antbird and more. Some of the scarcer forest species we will be on the lookout for that we have seen here previously include : Bartlett's Tinamou, Razor-billed Currasow, Pale-winged Trumpeter, Sunbittern, Purus Jacamar, Striolated Puffbird, Gray-cheeked Nunlet, Cream-colored Woodpecker, Ocellated Woodcreeper, Collared Puffbird, Ruddy Spinetail, Plain Softail, Striped Woodhaunter, Sclater's Antwren, Banded Antbird, Ash-throated Gnateater, White-throated Antbird, Black-spotted Bare-eye, Ochre-bellied Flycatcher, White-bellied Tody-tyrant, Royal Flycatcher, Musician Wren, Pale-eyed Blackbird, Yellow-shouldered Grosbeak to name but a few. We will also visit Ox-bow lakes in the area where we will see lakeside birds including Hoatzin, Sungrebe, Agami Heron, Greater Large-billed Seed-finch, Silverd Antbird, Rufous-sided Crake, Gray-breasted Crake and we may be lucky and see one of the two Giant Otter families that live in the area. Night birding may produce Long-tailed, Great and Gray Potoos, Amazonian Pygmy Owl, Spectacled Owl, Ocellated Poorwill, amongst others. There is a Harpy Eagle nest in the vicinity and we’ll surely visit it if it is active. All nights Explorers Inn.
Day 8: After morning birding and when the day begins to heat up we’ll head down the Tambopata and Madre de Dios Rivers to Eco-Amazonia lodge 2 hours downstream from Puerto Maldonado. We’ll arrive in time for some late afternoon birding around the lodge clearing where we have had luck with Orange-breasted Falcon before.
Day 9, 10 and 11: Three full days in the area. The forest here is somewhat different from upriver. Species we’ll be concentrating on include Black-faced Cotinga (endemic), Brazilian Tinamou, Sulphury Flycatcher, Undulated Antshrike White-eyed Antwren, White-throated Jacamar, Point-tailed Palmcreeper, Long-crested Pygmy-tyrant, Amazonian Antshrike and much, much more. We’ll take advantage of several canopy towers looking at canopy flocks. All nights Eco-Amazonia Lodge.
Day 12: A full mornings birding looking for species we may have missed or a last visit to one of the canopy towers. After lunch we’ll head upriver to the bustling town of Puerto Maldonado and our hotel.
Day 13: Full day birding the environs of Puerto Maldonado. We’ll bird the early morn and late afternoon. The outskirts of Puerto Maldonado have come to resemble savanna habitat and we’ll be looking for colonist savanna species including Grassland Sparrow, Rufous-backed Antwren, Red-breasted Blackbird Seedeaters and Finches. Its also a great place for Birds of Prey. We’ll celebrate in a local restaurant in bustling Maldonado this evening.
Day 14: Flight from Puerto Maldonado to Lima via Cusco and overnight in Lima or connecting international flights. Those who are taking the Machu Picchu and Abra Malaga extension will dis-embark in Cusco.
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